Slaughtering the Amazon

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Greenpeace’s Slaughtering the Amazon Report:
the beef with Amazon cattle

This 144 page report was designed by us in conjunction with Greenpeace's International Forests Campaign. It exposed how the cattle industry and global recipients of their products - leather, meat and dog chews - were implicated in wholesale deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest.

We designed the report to look and feel a little like a researchers folder, a brown folder packed full of pieces of information, some splattered with blood to convey a sense of the violence involved in this industry. We played an active roll in setting the editorial structure, helping our client to see how we could use and order the content.

The report brought together text, flow-charts and diagrams, investigative and aerial photography (much of it by Daniel Beltrå), maps and satellite imagery. Taken together it explains a highly detailed and visually compelling account of terrible destruction which resulted in a company named in the report losing World Bank funding.