Silent Crisis

Greenpeace International, animation


Greenpeace’s Silent Crisis:
animated short film

A short animated film for Greenpeace International explaining the complex and murky process by which illegal logging of the Brazilian rainforest results in timber used in building projects around the world.

The film is set inside a wooden building, a building which is the world of illegal timber in which everything is made of wood. The four 'rooms', scenes of the film, frame the tale, moving the viewer from; rainforest in crisis, to a digitalised fraud office, on through the exportation of timber to the resulting influx of ill-gotten cash back into Brazil. 

Our work on the concept, narrative, design and script with the campaigners at Greenpeace and the guys at Brickwall Films resulted in the film you can watch above.

The voiceover was provided by Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard, which is almost cooler than the film.