KitKat 'Killer'

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Greenpeace’s Palm Oil KitKat Campaign:
A Killer Chocolate Brand

We gave the' KitKat brand an overhaul on behalf of Greenpeace who wanted to drawn attention to Nestlés' use of dodgy palm oil grown on land which should be rainforest. 

They came to us with the idea of turning 'KitKat' into Killer and we ran with it, creating:

  • a highly polished re-made version of the Kitkat logo

  • a re-phrased take on their famous strapline, allowing a suffering Orang-utan to say "Give me a break", used on banners and posters

  • press adverts addressing different parts of the KitKat brand, "Come to your Senses"

  • a mocked-up chocolate bar, posing the idea that Greenpeace had gone into the chocolate business.

Our designs were used globally in this campaign which was a success, Nestlé cut ties with their palm oil supplier.