Junking the Jungle

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Greenpeace KFC Campaign:
The Colonel’s Not ‘SO GOOD’

We designed this 24 page report for Greenpeace International to help expose the problem KFC had with their packaging, that it was being produced by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) using pulp made from Indonesian rainforest wood.

We shaped the content into a clearly structured narrative to lead the reader through the issue, assembling; analysis of the packaging, geo-referenced maps, photographs of the wildlife impacted and the packaging, evidence of APP's role in destruction and details of KFC's unwillingness to correct the problem. 

The report's seemingly thrown-together design was devised to allow us to arrange the various elements of content side-by-side, helping the reader to see how it all overlapped to prove the case against KFC, 

The report helped contribute to KFC changing it's procurement policy, severing ties with APP.