Estate Office Shoreditch Branding

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The Estate Office Shoreditch:
Brand and Website Launch Campaign

in 2013 The Estate Office Shoreditch, owners of much of Shoreditch, asked us to do three pieces of work, to; 

  • rebrand them

  • design and build a new website

  • create an outdoor advertising campaign,

with all three of the above to be rolled out concurrently.

Recognising their unique position in the local community, we identified them as being 'Shoreditch Insiders'. That lead to the concept of the Shoreditch Zoo - in an area full of creative firms run by creative looking people.

So we answered the three part brief by; creating a steady and reliable looking logo, built a website which advertises property whilst celebrating the area and its' workers creating a set of three large outdoor building wraps promoting awareness of the company and it's website.

Central to the website and the adverts are the three illustrations we commissioned local illustrators LeGun. Each illustration shows a recognisable street scene from the area, peppered with those who have lived and worked in the area over the years.

Famous Shoreditch folk to be found in the illustrations include Gilbert and George, The Krays and Giles Deacon - in amongst a host of other local characters and oddball stereotypes - all liberally using new media just like the real folks of Shoreditch.