Dirty Aid Dirty Water

Campaign branding and narrative sequence for the World Development Movement using much improved but still a bit crap clip art to illustrate low quality thinking.


WDM Dirty Aid Dirty Water:
Bespoke clipart illustrates flat thinking

These designs for the World Development Movement (now called Global Justice Now) were used in print and as an animation in support of their Dirty Water Dirty Aid campaign. The Campaign was created to pressurise the UK government to end the policy of using the International Aid Fund to pay UK consultancy firms for their 'ideas' on how to improve the health of people in developing nations. 

Using the visual tools of the slip-shod consultant, Comic Sans and clipart, we created a sequence of images in which the pancake-flat thinking of the consultants is made to look 2 dimensional and rather silly. Mocking their recourse to the banal; at their brainstorm just one idea is put forward an praised whilst in the next scene a minister casually gifts money to help privatise utilities. 

We promise to avoid the use of Comic Sans in all subsequent projects.