OneAnother, Paul Hamilton, designer, Julia Hamilton, photographer


Julia and Paul

Julia and Paul set up OneAnother in 2002 with the idea that they could provide high quality creative services - design and photography - to organisations and good causes. They work with NGO’s, schools, philanthropic property developers and publishers. Most of their clients have worked with them for a number of years.

Paul, our Designer, also teaches design and manages projects. He is largely responsible for all the work with environmental clients and has worked with several well-known NGO organisations. In his work with The Estate Office and Max Barney, he collaborates with the artist group Le Gun to produce excellent, quirky marketing materials. Branding, typography and logo design are also strengths, as well as passions for Paul.

Julia, our Photographer was - most usefully - previously a teacher, which is perfectly suited to her working with children in schools. As well as photographing for the prospectuses that OneAnother produces, she also provides photography for school websites.