Education well communicated

Parents, pupils, staff and the wider community hold strong opinions about their local schools. 

The prospectuses and websites we create are an engaging way of displaying school pride whilst gently marketing a school.

What does your
school need?

We offer three packages for schools. 

1. Print

A Prospectus, Design, Photography, Writing and Print.

2. Print and Web

A Prospectus and Website Designed and Build with Photography.

3. Complete

A Brand Identity including a Logo, easy to use design system specifying colours, fonts and overall look for the school which then informs the creation of a Prospectus, Website design and Photography.

Costs of the above vary according to the needs of each school.


When we design Prospectuses and Websites for schools have two things at the front of our minds; 

  • to show how it feels to be in the school, making visual its' ethos, energy and the wonder of learning;
  • to clearly explain how the school works, how it's performing and what that means for pupils, parents and staff.

Our work with schools shines because of who we are; 

Julia, as well as being a photographer she is also a qualified teacher, which means she knows how operate in a classroom, taking great photos without fuss.

Paul, the Creative Director, has many years of professionally practiced ability, having designed and managed creative projects for businesses, publishers and NGOs - and a few schools. Take a look at the projects Paul directs here.

We listen well and enjoy receiving feedback. We're pro-active offering up our know-how willingly to help to guide and plan projects. We're transparent on pricing, we give cost breakdowns in our estimates so you can see what you're paying for. We deliver on time and on budget.

If you'd like to talk to us about your school and how we might help you we'd be happy to hear from you.