Geo-spacial mapping

What we do:

  • Geo-spatial mapping - using GIS data for pinpoint accuracy, designed to look amazing
  • Standards: we use the same software as the Ordinance Survey
  • Sequential maps - show how features change over time
  • Vector maps - maps scaleable to any size
  • Integrated: with data and images to tell complex stories

Using GIS data we create maps to help clients show where in the world they're talking about and then to point to specific locations with pinpoint accuracy. We're able to import multiple data sets to show values and land-uses for any location on earth and to alter map projections to create precisely the maps clients need.



Infographics and Data

What we do:

  • Raw data: made sense of to create easy-to-get graphics
  • Combinations: diagrams, maps, photography designed together to make stories visually compelling.
  • Nothing is impossible: we can explain pretty much anything with infographics.

We use a host of illustrative techniques to create infographics, some seriously complex visual expressions of processes and data, others figurative and more visually fascinating flow diagrams.