Perfectly cool for School

We designed the Goodrich Community Primary School website to be easy to use and to update, to be accessible from all devices and populated it with essential and informative copy and reportage-style photography.

We interviewed staff and parents, looked to find the best practice in other school websites and went back over the prospectuses we've created for Goodrich identifying what had made those so successful. In this research several ideas stood out and and featured in or informed our redesign:

  • identifying the audiences - knowing who told us what to include, eg. a translate button included having identified that for many parents English is their second language
  • responsive design - the site had to work on all devices, parents use phones more than desktops to look for information about the school
  • school calendar - an easy to use calendar, seems obvious but we had to include one and think about what kind of calendar to use, there are many
  • community page - the life of the school, its' "community' was to be pushed to the fore - with news stories featuring on the homepage - to promote parental engagement and to start on the path of the school publishing weekly paperless newsletters.

In addition to these ideas and features we made good use of the school's photo library -which we also established - so that pages burst with images of learning and life.

The sites' page designs are consistent, uncluttered and easy to scan for information with sections of pages well defined and headings clear and easy to see.

Enough of us telling you about it, here's the Goodrich Community Primary School website itself.