Schooled in good design

The 2013 and 2014 Goodrich School prospectuses are designed unlike any other school prospectuses or brochures. We set out to make these books so that the reader would feel as if they had experienced this Southwark Primary first-hand. 

This led us to create these to be part prospectus full of facts about the school and part year-book with photography full of life and learning. As well as illustrating subjects we use photographs large, on the cover and inside across spreads, lending the books a sense of visual dynamism whilst framing and punctuating the other content.

The structure of these borrows heavily from magazines with the various types of content grouped to help readers flick through easily. Page designs feature legible and ever-so slightly stylish text and photos organised into sets.

The pages of the prospectus - made from environmentally accredited paper - are also non-standard page sizes, helping even to make these prospectuses look and feel good.