A hand drawn jolly guide to Social Media

Context, the CSR firm, approached us to design a guide book which would them explain Sustainability and Social Media to their many blue-chip corporate clients. 

The readers of this brochure work for corporations so we assumed they would be fed up with seeing powerpoint presentations. Also, in conversation with the client we identified that too often explanations of social media look like they were made for techies.

We planned out a narrative which followed the life-cycle of a successful social media campaign and, being determined that it avoid looking like powerpoint, we commissioned illustrator Chris Bianchi (of LeGun fame) to help us with the funny drawings.

Dripping in bright colour and peppered with visual jokes we kept the piece upbeat and jolly as well as useful. 

Look out for a few of the best (and worst gags) are; the woman who's turned green because she's been greenwashing, folks puzzled by technology inside a QR code which looks like the set of celebrity squares, and a monitor lizard smoking a pipe - monitoring the success of the campaign.