Thinking inside the box

We were asked to create a brand and marketing materials to promote ContainerVille, a development of workspaces by The Estate Office Shoreditch.

This is property brand advertising about the people the development was made for - tech, design and fashion firms - playfully reflecting their world back to them. Being an Estate Office Shoreditch project we created this to look like a relative of The Shoreditch Zoo, the ad campaign and rebranding project we did for them a year before.

We created these adverts to be full of people and animals living and working by the canal, combined with hand-drawn victorian narrow-boat-like typography and a warm happy colour-scheme. Chris and Steph of LeGun drew the characters which included;

  • east end characters (the über fashionable, customised bike owners and narrow boat dwellers)
  • peculiar yet cool canal life (dogs in hats, smoking swans and canada geese with afros)
  • buildings (coffee shop skyscrapers and trendy eel shops.

The ContainerVille brand has appeared on building wraps throughout east London as well as being used to create press adverts, web graphics and wallpapers for phones and tablets.

Our designs also featured in this article by Emily Gosling in Design Week.