Speed reading innovation

We were approached with the challenge of designing and Art Directing Chicane, a magazine about the innovation, sustainability and the future of F1.

In response we designed and created this edition 002 to look like an coffee table book, elevating the sport to make it the people and technology seem like art. The design features:

  • Strong masthead featuring a chicane
  • Liberal use of negative space in the layouts
  • Well defined sections - editorial, features…
  • Photos used large and dramatic
  • Hardly any graphic decoration
  • A type combination evoking the history of the sport (Pardigm) whilst also looking current and a high-tech (Ano).

Chicane's design is based on a flexible but precise grid system with it's type defined in an easy-to-use style sheet - all done to help us manage the page layouts efficiently for this and future editions.

For this edition we acted as Art Director, Designer and Picture Editor..