We change the world most weeks

Working side-by-side with campaigners, we've provided creative direction and designed communications for many successful campaigns.

We work with campaigns and NGOs because we believe in using our creative skills to take an active role in shaping a sustainable future. 


Our campaign work includes pretty much every combination of on and offline communications you can imagine; full websites and assets for social media platforms as well as more traditional media including flyers and leaflets, stickers and stencils, flags and banners.

We also create publications which campaigns use to communicate often complex issues in a visually compelling manner. From briefings like Junking the Jungle to reports like Slaughtering the Amazon, we create these publications and the content on the pages; GEO-referenced maps, infographics, illustrations and photography. 

Using some of the same know-how we created Greenpeace's members magazine CONNECT

Recently we turned our hand to creating a short film about the timber industry in The Amazon's Silent Crisis.

Obviously, much of our campaign work has been for Greenpeace but we've also worked Liberty, the World Development Movement, People and Planet and StopEsso.

In a previous career our Creative Director worked for the the 1997 election campaign

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