Street-level campaigning

Our designs clearly brand campaigns, acting as a rallying-point for campaigners and promoting public engagement. We design campaigns which are; issue specific and stand-alone or run by an NGO or campaigning organisation.

From all manner of printed items, websites and graphics fro social media, we do the lot. There's more about how we work with Campaigns here.

We create::

  • Logos and Identities
  • Collateral: flyers, leaflets, stickers, badges…
  • Large format print: banners, flags, hoardings
  • Web assets and websites
  • Bespoke props for actions.

Research based campaigning

Successful campaigns are backed-up with facts and we love helping NGO's and campaigns sort through and shape these into a compelling story.

The briefings, crime files, reports and websites we create contain maps and infographics, diagrams and illustrations which together bring complex issues to life. 

Take a look at: Slaughtering the Amazon, Licence to Kill and Junking the Jungle.


We create:

  • Reports, Briefings, Crime files and Websites
  • Geo-referenced maps
  • Infographics
  • Flow diagrams
  • Photography - outdoor and studio