Designing brands 


We get to know clients, their needs and wants as well as their peers and audiences. With that knowledge we develop initial ideas - ours and your - into cogent concepts. 

We develop concepts into a set of assets which form the brand's identity: the logo, colours, fonts and imagery with overall look and feel. We give guidance on use of the brand which can be anything from a few do's and don'ts and conversations 

See our branding work on our Projects page and here's a collection of our best Logo designs. 

What we do:

  • Brand strategy - explore and resolve brand vision
  • Naming - structured exploration of options
  • Logos - development and design based on strategy
  • Identities - Colour palettes, fonts, design look and feel
  • Tone of voice - how a brand should sound
  • Style guide - achieve coherence and consistency, 
  • Implementation - applying the brand.

Jamming brands

Knowing how to make branding, we also know how to take other people's brands apart.

We are specialists in brand jamming, that's the recasting of an existing brand with altered logos, graphics, imagery and messages - informed by the goals of the campaign. 

This is a highly effective and engaging way for campaigns to exert pressure on well funded global brands.

Here's how we jammed the Santander and KitKat brands and here's an overview of how we work with Campaigns

What we do:

  • Research - what actually makes a brand tick
  • Logos - redesigned to look right, but wrong
  • Spoof identities - mimicking imagery, fonts and colours
  • Re-written - copy written like the original, but not 
  • Implementation - the above applied to all the pieces of communication a campaign needs.

Branded Content

We devise Content Strategies then steer the creation of content which enriches brands by telling stories of the people, environments and culture a brand is part of.

We've been working with the The Estate Office Shoreditch for over two years, that's the most complete Branded Content project we've been involved in to date.

What we do:

  • Strategy - brand directed 
  • Planning - what goes online and when
  • Creation - copy, photography and films
  • Oversight - directing and managing writers, photographers and film-makers
  • Publishing - copy and photography perfected